Student Life
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Student Council

The Student Council officers and members are the duly elected representatives of the entire student body. The Student Council is consulted on important decisions regarding students and is responsible to represent individuals or groups of students. Members are elected by the entire student body is guided by a moderator. The council heads a couple of committees and events in the school, such as:

  • The School Paper - an initiative that promises to keep the school community informed and entertained.
  • Action Committee - The members are involved in the planning and implementation of the action projects of the school, that are community and service-oriented.
  • School Events - Members are to represent the student body during the planning and implementation of school wide events in order to ensure student voice and collaboration in the school.


DIS Houses - aims to promote independence, responsibility, leadership, camaraderie and sense of belonging in the school.

Clubs and Varsity

The Clubs/Varsity programme of the school is designed to cultivate and develop the students' various talents, skills and inclinations. Every student from the Primary and Secondary Years are to choose a Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Club each term. The members of the Varsity teams are selected after a series of try-outs.

Field Trips

The school believes in the value of experiential learning brought about by real life experiences and encounters. It is for this reason that the school's curriculum entails regular field trips that will bring students to places outside the school where they gather information related to their unit of inquiry. All students are expected to join and participate in these trips. In addition, school wide trips are also conducted every year fo further enhance classroom learning. This allows students to further widen their learning experience and apply it in a context which is relevant to them.