Primary Education
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What we teach

We adhere to the International Baccalaureate International Primary Years Program (PYP), an international curriculum designed framework for children ages 3-12 years. It is internationally recognized as a model of excellence in curriculum development. Designed as an education for an increasingly borderless world, the Primary Years Program provides access to the best research and practices from a range of national systems from across the globe. It also breaks down the isolation of our educational system by providing us learning connections with schools around the world.

How we  teach

We teach through a comprehensive inquiry-based approach where students are viewed as natural thinkers and not just  receivers of information. The inquiry approach is a natural way to learn and understand basic skills and concepts.

  • Skills in Math, Reading Writing, Speaking, Music, Art, and Sports are taught through inquiry
  • Knowledge in Science and Social Studies are acquired through real life investigations
  • Use of different teaching styles to address the different learning styles of the students
  • Use of multiple resources so students gain multiple perspectives rather than single perspective from over reliance on textbooks
  • Teaching concentrates on learning how to think and understand rather than focusing on memorization only
  • Teachers are facilitators of learning and not sole dispenser of facts and information


Where we teach

Environment that  :

  • is conducive for collaboration and individual learning
  • has small class size
  • has low teacher to student ratio
  • is technology equipped
  • is print rich
  • prompts students to formulate their own questions (inquiry)
  • allows multiple interpretations and expressions of learning (multiple intelligences)
  • encourages group work and the use of peers as resources (collaborative learning)

Who teaches

Teaching Staff are:

  • internationally, locally and intensively trained
  • hard-working, committed, open-minded and caring


* Main Reference: Official documents and resources from the International Baccalaureate Program.