About Us
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Second Mom Child Care preschool opened its doors to 28 preschool children in 2000 offering a child-centered learning environment. With the belief that school is the extension of the home, Second Mom, continued to provide a nurturing environment to many more preschool children. The school doubled its population on its second year of operation. Since its fourth year, the school has maintained an average of 100 children receiving Second Mom's holistic and balanced education.

In 2006, the school gave birth to its grade school department, named Domuschola Internationalis (DIS) Grade School. This was in response to Second Mom parents' clamor. With the school's basic tenet that the education of every child should be a collaboration between the home and the school, Domuschola emerged to be the name for the grade school.

Domuschola is a merger of two Latin words, Domus which is Home and Schola or school or place of learning. The name is meant to emphasize the close liaison between home and school, the two worlds of the growing student. It connotes that the school is the student's extension or second home and teachers are their second parents. The coined word also illustrates the bridging" of the student's home and the school in the continuing development of the student. It also underscores the critical role of the parents as active partners of the school in the continuum of learning. The learning in school is not just academic but must have a carry-over application to the student's natural environments, the home and the community.

In order to provide its students the best practices in education, the school sought an international organization with a similar advocacy in education to help the school achieve its vision. In 2008, DIS applied to be a member of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The IBO is a non-profit educational foundation based in Geneva Switzerland.

In 2011, DIS became an IB World School and the 2nd PYP school in the Philippines. With its IB authorization, DIS made IB education accessible to many more Filipino children.

In 2012, DIS opened its Secondary Department.